Hi, I'm Themba, creator of the Vanty Starter Kit. Vanty started out as a side project to help launch products faster. It has evolved into a platform to help fellow bootstrappers and small teams to launch their SaaS businesses quickly.

Why build this?

Building good products is hard. Launching a great product, that your customers love is even harder. A lot of time is spent rebuilding or buying the same core set of tools like authentication and billing for new software and SaaS products.

Django is my framework of choice and I could not find a good open source Django boilerplate that checked all the right boxes. Other boilerplates required too much customisation.

Here are some lessons from building SaaS products over the past 5 years.

  • Most products use more than 5 other SaaS products, easily costing over $150 each month!
  • Launching a simple SaaS product, always takes more time than planned. 90% is spent on non product features.
  • While NoCode & SaaS tools are great for getting started, they cannot be easily customised.
  • The majority of software products still need authentication, emails, user management and billing. Rebuilding this each time is not efficient.
  • With a good template and guidance, you don't need advanced knowledge of Django. Intermediate knowledge of python is enough for you to get your MVP out.

I created the Vanty Starter Kit as a "factory" for trying out new ideas quickly and efficiently. I used in the majority of my products.

I'm confident Vanty can help you launch your product quickly.


I am software developer & entrepreneur with 5 years of experience building SaaS products. I have worked (and still do) with a variety of clients from startups to medium-sized enterprises. I have worked with clients in real estate and finance, to name a few. I previously worked in finance for 7+ years.

Where you can reach me

You can message me via the site chat below. I will do my best to respond within 24hrs. If you are unsure whether Vanty is right for you, I am happy to have a quick chat.

Cheers, Themba