Our Story

Building good products can be hard. Launching a great product, that your customers love is even harder.

As developers & founders, we noticed we were spending time rebuilding or buying the same core set of tools like authentication and billing for new software and SaaS products.

From working with our clients and talking to fellow developers, we learned the following:

  • Most products use more than 5 SaaS products, easily costing over $150 each month!
  • Launching a simple SaaS product, always takes more time than planned. 90% is spent on non product features.
  • While NoCode & SaaS tools are great for getting started, they cannot be easily customised.
  • The majority of software products will need authentication, emails, user management and billing.

We created the Vanty SaaS Starter Kit to solve these pain points for ourselves and other developers.

The Vanty Starter Kit will help you build & launch a production-ready SaaS application in record time.

Ready to dive in? Launch with the Vanty Starter Kit

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