Hi, Themba, here. Creator of the Starter Kit. In the past 5 years I've built and helped small to medium sized businesses & ambitious founders launch their products.

Why build this?

I use The Starter Kit to save me time on new projects for my clients.

Some lessons from building SaaS products over the past 5 years (and now AI Products).

  • Most products use more than 5 other SaaS products, easily costing over $150 each month! A lot of which is already available in Django. (Emails, Auth, Feature Flags, etc)
  • Launching a simple SaaS/AI product, always takes more time than planned.
  • The majority of the time will be spent on UI, if a boiler plate doesn't ship with a UI you will need to spend +60% of your time on this.
  • Libraries like HTMX can help you get off the ground quickly. However, it becomes difficult to maintain, hire talent, build good UIs and scale. For bigger projects, I prefer using Django with a UI framework like React, Vue, Svelte.
  • It's not just about the code. It's about putting it all together, professionally and knowing how (or finding help) to fix issues & bugs when they arise.

The starter kit .

I'm confident I can help you get to production quickly and save you time.

What I do

I'm a problem solver with 6+ years of experience building SaaS products. I work with a variety of clients founders, startups and professionally with medium-sized enterprises. The majority of my work is in real estate, finance, and AI based software applications. I previously worked in finance for close to a decade.

Where you can reach me

You can message me via the site chat below or .

Cheers, Themba