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Save 1000s of hours in development time by using our Django SaaS Boilerplate. Focus on talking to your customers and growing your product.

“Everything you need to launch your recurring revenue business.”

We have built the essential SaaS business tools so you can focus on growing your product.


Connect your Stripe account and be up and running in minutes. Change pricing and products from the dashboard. Keep all your data and metrics in sync with Stripe.

The ability to update prices on the fly is one of my favourite features. We can experiment with different prices without bothering the dev team.

Mate Bekesi Co-Founder, Hiped events

Customisable pricing models

Offer your customers a choice of escalating options(basic, starter, premium) or more complex options based on usage based billing.

Prebuilt Checkout

Use Stripe's low code prebuilt, hosted payment page, which is optimized for security & conversion.

Keep your data in sync

Create your products in Stripe, keep them in sync automatically or at the click of a button.


Setup user authentication in minutes. Easily enable social authentication directly from the dashboard. Prebuilt registration and authentication flow.

Authentication works right out of the box, this was even more efficient for us than using firebase or Auth0!

Dan Founder, OneMile

Email Authentication

By default, users can login with their email accounts. Includes the complete flow, registration, confirmation emails & password reset. Zero setup required.

Connect Social Accounts

Allow your users to connect & manage multiple social accounts. Easily add new authentication methods directly from the dashboard.

User Sessions & Api Keys

Users can manage their own sessions and create API keys directly from the console.

Workspaces & Teams

Create multi-tenant (B2B) applications with teams enabled. Integrate people, content and tools for different teams within a workspace.

We leveraged the workspaces feature to quickly build a platform for our partners.

Collin Engineering Consultant, QBAnalytics

Workspaces & Teams

Whether you want to create powerful multi-tenant B2B applications with teams enabled or simple B2C apps, we've got you covered.

Invitation flow

Prebuilt invitation flow for both workspaces and teams. Including emails and notifications.

User Roles

Easily manage user roles, permissions and add feature gating to specific content.

Prebuilt UI & API

Prebuilt modern UI using TailwindCSS, Django templates and htmx. Building a single page app with Svelte, Nextjs? Then use the robust documented API.

We are able to iterate quickly, and build solid,stable UIs with Django templates and htmx. Our client facing data apis are stable and maintained separately.

Mate Bekesi Founder, Hiped events

Beautiful Modern UI

Use TailwindCSS to rapidly build a UI components for your app. Leverage the powerful htmx library to build modern user interfaces with Django templates.

Ready Made Components

The project comes with ready made components for forms, tables, modals and more. Our help center includes guides for implementing different UI workflows.

Headless API

Built with flexibility in mind. Django templates and htmx will be sufficient for most use cases. Use modern frontend frameworks like React for more complex UIs.

Core Features

Connect with the tools you need to grow your product

Headless API

Built with flexibility in mind, easily extend to connect a modern frontend of choice or expose a public Rest API for your product.

Webhook Events

Respond to webhook events and connect other apps.

Async Tasks

Easily create async tasks like cron jobs, batch emails.


Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the Vanty Starter Kit, can I see a demo?

Vanty Saas Starter is a fully-featured, ready for production SaaS starter kit built the Django Framework & TailwindCSS. The starter kit includes a set of core apps including, user management, multitenancy, teams management, payments, webhooks and more. See live demo.

What if I don't like the product?

You can email us within 15 days for a full refund. We will ask you for your feedback to improve the product.

How long does it take to setup this product?

Setting up a dev environment will take under 20min. The time to get live product will depend on your product's features.

Why should I buy this, when I can build it myself?

In short? To save you time. We have built the Vanty Starter Kit to solve just that problem for ourselves. We have a ton of product ideas but want to focus on the important stuff like talking to our customers and not on rebuilding the same old features!

How do the licenses work?

We offer two types of licenses, single site and multi-site. Please see licenses page for more details.

What if I need help with my project or want to get in contact with you?

For project related issues, tips and tricks, we suggest that you visit the project documentation. You can also contact us via Slack or use the chat feature on the site. (Bottom right hand corner)


We save our clients a lot of time!

“The Vanty Starter Kit was the perfect solution to jump start our backend. The UI & Stripe integration saved us a ton of time. ”

Co-Founder Hiped Events

“Advantch gave us a solid foundation to launch an MVP and get funded. We are working with them to build our platform, would highly recommend! ”

Engineering Consultant - QBAnalytics
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