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Caching in Django to improve site performance

Use caching to make your Django site faster. In this article we cover basic concepts of caching, different caching strategies and techniques for refreshing your cached content.

How to connect Django to SingleStore DB

SingleStore is a high-performance database that is perfect for data-intensive applications. This article will show you how to configure Django to use SingleStore as a database.

Django HTMX Server-Side Datatables

Learn how to build a modern, fast UI for browsing large datasets using Django & Htmx. Can easily handle datasets with million plus rows.

An introduction to Web3 and dApps with Python

Learn about Web3, dApps, and Ethereum blockchain with this introduction to decentralized applications. Discover how these technologies are disrupting the finance and banking industries, and explore the key concepts of Web3 and dApps with Python.

How to set up user notifications for your Django App - Part 2

Notifications provide updates about the activity on an application. In this guide, you will learn how to set up simple notifications for your Django application. This is Part 2 of 2 in this tutorial series. We will be focusing on creating the notifications components for our frontend app.