The MVP Package

MVP - (minimum viable product)

Get the support you need to launch your app fast.

The MVP Package is an exclusive opportunity to work directly with the team that made the Vanty Starter Kit to launch your product quickly.

What you get

Go from zero to working product really fast.

For projects with simple requirements this could mean having a fully functional MVP live on a public, production-ready server often in under two weeks.

Details include:

  • We will customise the Vanty Starter Kit to your needs.
  • This includes basic UI updates using components from TailwindUI.
  • Deploy a production ready app to your hosting provider of choice.
  • Setup scripts & pipelines to manage future deployments and site maintenance.

How it works

This is the approach we follow for most engagements.


  • Provide us with a short describing your requirements.
  • We have one or more discovery calls together to refine the scope before we start developing.

Development & Deployment

  • We customise Vanty to suit your needs.
  • You set up an account on a cloud hosting provider and provide us access.
  • We deploy your application in a production-ready way.
  • We include deployment scripts to automate and repeat the process in future.


  • We will provide documentation to help answer any questions and if required, at training session.
  • When we're done, you're ready to take over the codebase and proceed with the deployment on your own!

Monthly SLAs

  • We do not offer these at this stage. We may introduce this in future.


The current pricing starts at $4,500, this includes the cost of a Vanty SingleSite License. The pay

    Cost breakdown for a typical project
  • Single Site License & Discovery - $500
  • Phase 1 - $2,000
  • Phase 2 and handover - $2,000

Monthly running costs

After your product is deployed you will typically spend between $30 and $70/month in hosting for small-medium projects.


Presently, we only take one or two projects per month.

If we are unable to accommodate you today, we will let you know when we can.

Non-Django Based Apps

Rather than grab a slice of every pie going, at advantch we focus on what we do best, building solid Django powered apps. We also speak HTML, CSS and React fluently. If you have other needs we will connect you with developers in our network.

If you're interested, or have any questions get in touch below or send an email to or schedule time with me

Website Requirements
Site Pages
  • Landing page
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Meet the the team
Dashboard Pages
  • Blog Section, (somewhere where I can post articles
  • Events Search Page, (somewhere where users can find events)
  • Manage Events Page, (internal or external CMS will do.)
  • Emails, sign up emails and payment confirmation

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