Deploying To Production

How To Build A Landing Page

The starter kit comes with a simple landing page. You will want to update the theme and website copy to suit your brand, message, and theme. This short article will focus on the tools to get you started quickly. We will add other titles in the future about copywriting/hiring better designers etc.

Prebuilt tailwind themes

When starting out this would be the easiest and recommended choice. Buy a prebuilt template or use an open-source one and replace the standard template that comes with the template.

  • TailwindUI - From the makers of tailwind, $249 for lifetime access, high-quality components, and landing pages. 
  • Landingfolio - Free and paid templates and components
  • TailwindAwesome - tailwind themes & ui kits site

Tailwind Landing page builders

Great for building the basic elements of your page with no code. You can hand over a good rough design to your dev for final polishing.

  • Devdojo Tails app. Free for limited components or unlimited for a monthly fee of $15.
  • - Alternative to Devdojo
  • Webflow, Wix - Also viable alternatives but include monthly costs.


As usual, don't overcomplicate things when starting out. If you want to focus on anything focus on getting the message right so that the value your product delivers is clearly communicated on the landing page. Keep the design simple at first, you can always change this later.