With the teams feature you can create views or models that are scoped to a team.


  • Teams logic can be applied on the view layer.
  • Access to ‘Team-aware’ views is based on permissions assigned to the user
  • Example use case - Teams can be groups within an organization (i.e Tenant). This feature is available for both single and multitenant apps.

Team Roles

The teams app roles mirror the roles in the tenant app. However, they are scoped to the team only.

Each user is assigned one of the following roles

ROLE_MEMBER = "member"
ROLE_MANAGER = "manager"
ROLE_OWNER = "owner" - assigned to a single user, the owner.

Creating a team

  • UI and logic already provided
  • The user that creates a team is assigned the ‘ROLE_OWNER’
  • Users can be invited to an existing team and will be assigned the role of ‘ROLE_MEMBER’ or ‘ROLE_MANAGER’

Creating a Team View

  • Decorators for applying this already provided. See team/ .