Realtime Applications

The project comes pre-installed with Django Channels .

Django Channels adds the ability to handle protocols that require long-running connections, such as WebSockets, MQTT (IoT), chatbots, and other real-time applications. On top of this, it provides support for a number of Django's core features like authentication and sessions.


The basic configuration is already done for you. The only changes you would have to make are when you want to disable Channels .

Deploying to production

See the Django Channels Docs for this.

Disable Channels

  • Remove "channels" from installed_apps
  • Remove the CHANNEL_LAYERS and CHANNELS_REDIS_URL variables from the config file.
  • Remove channels import from config/

Using Django Channels In Production

We will include more guides/blog posts and examples on this in the future.

Some good materials to get you started are: