Email Templates

Before going to production check that your email templates are working and everything is configured correctly.

Emails can be changed from the dashboard. If you change your emails on the dashboard you should also update them in the codebase.

Emails are based on mjml. You can find the documentation here .

How to updating emails

A few simple rules for updating your emails.

  • You can change the subject line. (Usually the second line from the top)

  • You can change anything inside the <mjml></mjml> block, BUT (unless you know what you are doing) do not remove the Django template tags. Django template tags include.

    • variables - {{ foreground_color }}

    • built in djangotags- {{ % static 'images/logo.png' %}}

{% load mjml account i18n static %}
{% block subject %}Sign In Link{% endblock %} <-- change subject here
{% block html %}
  {% mjml %}
            <mj-image align="center" src="{% static 'images/logo.png' %}"
            <mj-text align="left" font-size="16px" font-weight="400" font-family="open Sans Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif"
              padding-left="25px" padding-right="25px" padding-bottom="30px" padding-top="50px">
              SignIn link

            <mj-text>This is your SignIn Link from {{ site_name }}.</mj-text>
            <mj-text>Please do not share with anyone, as this will compromise your account.</mj-text>

            <mj-button align='left' background-color="{{ primary_color }}" color="{{ foreground_color }}" href="{{ magic_link }}">Sign</mj-button>
            <mj-divider border-width="1px" border-style="solid" border-color="#eef2ff"/>
            <mj-text>Thank you for using {{ site_name }}.</mj-text>
  {% endmjml %}
{% endblock %}


  • Check your provider settings

  • If applicable check that the Inbound Webhooks are working