Get Started With The Vanty Starter Kit

The Vanty Starter Kit that allows developers and teams to develop and ship web apps quickly and efficiently.


In the next section, we will show you how to build & download your project.


Creating and Building a new project

1. Create a new project from the dashboard

  • On the Projects tab , click on the Start A New Project or Or create a new project button.


2. Configure project info, settings and tooling

  • Fill in the project configuration form which includes information about the project, libraries tools etc.
  • When done, click on Save at the bottom of the form. Configure

3. Build and download the project

  • Click on Build Project from the actions menu , this will take less than a minute⏰.. Build
  • When the build is finished, click on the download tab on the same page and download your code.
  • For security, the download link will expire after 1 hour. You can always create a new download link for the project.

Running the project locally

Install Docker

Docker is the preferred method for developing locally. Containers give you the confidence that your app will work the same way in different environments.

Ensure that you have docker and docker compose installed.

Build the project:

The project includes a make file to help you get started. Unzip the project to a folder of yourzip download and build your containers.

$ cd project_name
$ make init

The first build could take up to 15mins, subsequent builds will not take as long.

Run the project

$ make run

And that’s it, you app should be running on http://localhost:8000. For more tips on visit the local-development page .

Local Development without Containers

Although not recommended, you can also working with your project directly on your host operating system. See the [Development without docker](docs/development-without-docker/) section for more on this.

Next Steps

You are now ready to start building your product. Visit the other sections on how to configure and set up your app.


The docs are always a good place to start for help with getting started, developing, configuring your app and many more. If that is not sufficient you can always reach out to us on slack .