The Starter Kit

For ambitious founders, teams and builders who want to ship fast. Optimized for SaaS & AI products.

What is it?

A complete AI & SaaS product template, with sensible but opinionated defaults to get you up and running with minimal fuss.

The stack, an overview

  • Backend - Django

  • APIs - Django ninja

    • You will never go back to DRF.

  • Frontend - InertiaJS + React (Svelte & Vue support on the way)

    • Tanstack query is used for data fetching.

    • You can still use normal Django views if you want to keep it simple.

    • ShadcnUI - beautiful, complete UI components, work out of the box.

  • Database - Postgres

    • PG is the DB of choice for vectors and relational data.

  • Cache & Async - Redis for cache and Huey for async jobs.

  • Payments - Stripe integration


In the next section, we will show you how to build & download your project.


Creating a new project

1. Connect your workspace to Github

All projects are currently managed via Github. This allows us to easily push updates.

If you prefer to just download the codebase instead, (and not get the updates) you can skip this step. Get in touch with me so I can enable this feature in your workspace.

2. Create a new project

  • Click on the Create Project or New Project Button to create a new project.

3. Sync with Github

Once created, you can sync your project to github.

Running the project locally


  • Docker & Docker Compose- check you have docker and docker compose installed.

  • PNPM - Node package manager.

  • vantycli - CLI Tool for running the stack and other helper commands

Please make sure you have these installed already.

Local setup

Clone or download the project from the dashboard.

Build and run the stack

Install the cli tool to build and run the stack.


$ pipx install vanty
  • you can also use poetry or another package manager to install the cli tool.

Build containers and run the stack.

cp env-example .env

vanty dev init
vanty dev migrate
vanty dev start
  • Creates a new .env file for your configuration variables.

  • vanty dev init - build the stack

  • vanty dev migrate - run the migrations

  • vanty dev start - run the stack.


Under the hood the cli tool is just running these in order.


1. install deps
pnpm install

2. Build the containers
docker-compose build

3. Run the stack

pnpm run dev. --> frontend dev server
docker-compose up --> backend stack

You are now ready to start building your product. Visit the other sections on how to configure and set up your app, add new features and deploy.


The docs are always a good place to start for help with getting started, developing, configuring your app, and many more. If that is not sufficient you can always reach out on slack .