General Docker Tips & Tricks

Designate your Docker Development Server IP

When DEBUG is set to True , the host is validated against ['localhost', '', '[::1]'] . This is adequate for most cases..

For Docker, in the config.settings.local , add your host development server IP to INTERNAL_IPS or ALLOWED_HOSTS if the variable exists.

Activate a Docker Machine

This tells our computer that all future commands are specifically for the dev1 machine. Using the eval command we can switch machines as needed.:

$ eval "$(docker-machine env dev1)"



If you are using the following within your code to debug: :

import ipdb; ipdb.set_trace()

Then you may need to run the following for it to work as desired: :

$ docker-compose -f local.yml run --rm --service-ports django


In order for django-debug-toolbar to work designate your Docker Machine IP with INTERNAL_IPS in .

docker logs

The container_name from the yml file can be used to check on containers with docker commands, for example: :

$ docker logs worker
$ docker top worker