Release Notes - Vanty Starter Kit

Welcome to the Vanty Starter Kit release notes. In case this is not what you were looking for, here are some useful links.

Release schedule

A new major version is released three weeks to five weeks.

Minor patches every 2-3 weeks. Minor patches updates can also be on an ad-hoc basis.

Any breaking changes will be noted here.

Upcoming Releases & Improvements

  • May/June 2022 focus

  • Bug fixes for this version

  • Extend config options for stripe to make simplify the creation of complex products
  • Core UI libraries to improve usability, for better select, alerts and datepickers.
  • Improve internal UI components, buttons, forms and tables and complete move to htmx
  • Guides and recipes for Vanty users. ((knowledge based coming in May)
  • The app already includes the basic components required to build a robust dashboard and CRM to manage users. We will focus on improving internal user stats that will help improve your product.
  • Better notifications & email tooling, we are considering using MJML for email templates.
  • Improve the tooling/docs for app updates


Saturday 21 May 2022 —

Vanty 0.11.1: Improvements to the Control Panel, HTMX Tables Improvements, Bug Fixes

This release includes improvements to the Control Panel, HTMX utils for sort and search, Webhooks app and other bug fixes. We have also added a help center to the website. We will be adding Vanty Starter Kit specific guides on there.


Control Panel
  • Added charts to the Control Panel for displaying weekly sessions, sign ups.
HTMX Datatable
  • Improved TableUtilsMixin class to include default templates,
Package updates & Migrations
  • Users, Teams and Webhooks apps include new migrations.
  • django-htmx package updated to latest version
  • Pyecharts package added


  • Webhooks app refactored now uses Django views
  • Workspaces/Tenants app also now uses Django views
  • Added utils for HTMX redirects


  • fixed error with render.yml file which had missing env variables
  • renamed alpine.js static files (removed '@') as this was causing an error when developing in cloud based environments.

Tuesday 3 May 2022 —

Vanty 0.11.0: Deployments to, HTMX datatable, Teams App improvements

This release enables deployments to and utilities for easily creating HTMX datatables. The teams app has been refactored to use HTMX, javascript is no longer required.

  • Render is an up and coming competitor to Heroku. Based on our experience so far we would say this is promising cheaper replacement(about half the cost) for the same quality and better pace of innovation.

  • We are doubling down on HTMX as our go to tool for rapidly building modern, responsive UIs using Django templates. This allows users to:

  • build data apis independently from the template views

  • establish strict guidelines for where the business logic that is shared between the templates and apis should be placed.


Deployment to
  • Added support for
  • Includes one click buttons for in project readme.
HTMX Datatable
  • The common app now includes a TableUtilsMixin class to enable easy creation of htmx tables with filtering, sort and search enabled. We will be improving this utility in future to enable easy table creation for any app model with minimal config & zero Javascript.
Package updates
  • Django has been upgraded to 3.2.13


  • Teams app views have been refactored.
  • Templates are now rendered from the server side + HTMX. Javascript is no longer required.
  • Refactored tables in tenants and webhooks to be included in separate modules and inherit from TableUtilsMixin.
  • UI improvements to include full page modal see product preview page in payments app.


  • Fixed bug from version 0.10.0 where the admin dashboard templates raised an error due to incorrect formatting on the templates.
  • Fixed bug in dashboard/ app where an error would be thrown for in line if payment_settings.use_db_metadata if Redis what not configured properly.

Saturday 2 April 2022 —

Vanty 0.10.0: Usage based billing, User Management, Dashboard Improvements

The main features for this release are updates to the payments app, including extensions to enable easy integration with features that available on Stripe. Our goal is to reduce time spent on configuring products/prices as much as possible.


Usage Based Billing & Payments App Update
  • Support for non standard pricing models has been enabled
  • Extended config options for stripe integrations
  • User can now change quantities directly from the stripe checkout
  • Sync stripe task can be triggered directly from the dashboard
  • Added view decorators and API permissions for feature gating. Please see docs for more info.
API Docs
  • API docs have been improve to use a better template. Thanks to Stoplight.
Package updates
  • All dependencies have been updated to their latest possible versions apart from Django which is still pinned to 3.2.12.


  • User account delete flow has been added. Please see the docs for more info.
  • Refactored the dashboard app, the views for auth, payments and base have been split up for better organisation.
  • Refactored common app, dashboard_nav dynamic


  • Fixed webhooks not finding correct tenant for subscription updates
  • UI updates for the responsive_flat layout
  • Stripe test fixture for price updated

Thursday, 20 March 2022 —

Vanty 0.9.1: JWT & SPA Authentication Support, API Keys, Webhooks & User Roles

This release took longer than planned. We have been working hard to provide out the box JWT support.

This has been one of the most requested features.


JWT Support & SPA Authentication
  • JWT and SPA authentication support added.
  • This adds core functionality required for the app to be fully headless.
  • We will be focusing on testing and extending other core views in the upcoming release
  • Users can now create API Keys directly from the UI
  • The API can be accessed using the API key, please note that this is different from the JWT tokens above.
  • API Keys are NOT for authentication. Please see the docs for more info.
  • If you are updating from the previous version, the users app includes a migration for the API Keys model.
Tenant /Workspace User roles
  • Django views have been added for updating user roles has been added.
  • The UI is HTMX based with minimal JS.


  • HTMX - The Webhooks app has been updated to use HTMX for the forms and tables. The frontend code is much cleaner. Views are function based and lean.
  • Vendor assets htmx, Alpinejs, SVG loaders and slimselectjs have been added to the static files folder. This is better for security and page speed.
  • New view decorators, user tests have been added for tenants/workspaces app.


  • Fixed error user settings/preferences not being persisted in the backend
  • Updated template layouts and styling on mobile, update JS template blocks in the base.html file.

Thursday, 24 February 2022 —

Vanty 0.9.0: New Control Panel Features, Low Code Payment & Auth Setup, Code Quality Improvements

We are releasing version 0.9.0 earlier than planned. This major release brings in a number of significant improvements that we are excited about.


Low code Stripe Product Setup
  • Stripe Products can now be configured from the Dashboard. In the previous versions, changes to the live product could only be done in code. This feature adds some flexibility to the process of updating product pricing or features. Live products can also be hidden from the pricing page.
  • Stripe API Keys can now be added directly from the Dashboard. We will be adding more configuration options for this in the future.
Authentication methods
  • Vanty now comes with 5 authentication methods configured and ready to use right out of the box. Email logins will work immediately.
  • For social authentication, adding a method is as simple as adding the Key and Secret Key and ticking a checkbox. All done from the dashboard. You can enable facebook, twitter, github, linkedin and google.
Code Quality and Package updates
  • All packages have been updated to the latest stable versions. This includes code formatting and linting tools. Django has been update to version 3.0.12. See more details when the new docs are release in the next couple of weeks.
User sessions
  • Extended functionality to allow users to expire all device sessions from dashboard.


  • HTMX - We are gradually migrating most of the app forms, tables to HTMX. We have been working with HTMX for a couple of months now and we are sold. We will continue to maintain and expand the Vanty Starter Kit API and improve the docs. We have plans to provide SDK libraries in the future.
  • Tables - We have improved the templates for tables to make creating a table view as easy as possible.


  • Fixed error with team invites not working properly

Wednesday, 15 February 2022 —

Vanty 0.8.2: HTMX updates


  • In this version, we continued with the migration to HTMX for the core apps.


  • Payments App - Ongoing checkout sessions now have to be explicitly cancelled by the customer.


  • Fixed error with team invites.

Friday, 4 February 2022 —

Vanty 0.8.1: Server side tables, UI Improvements


Server Side Tables
  • Server side tables now enable with django_tables2


  • UI Improvements for Workspace Users now includes HTMX driven profile preview card


  • Fixed bug with expiring user sessions

Wednesday, 2 February 2022 —

Vanty 0.8.0: HTMX, Control Panel & User Sessions


HTMX \<!---->
  • Added HTMX to the project. We are sold. In future, all native, core apps forms will use HTMX. We have been experimenting with HTMX, UnpolyJS at Vanty Labs. Epic tools coming out soon.
Control Panel 🖥
  • Update Control Panel UI,
  • Added forms to configure stripe Keys from the dashboard
  • All Auth Providers can now be added from the dashboard
User sessions 👥
  • User sessions now enabled
  • Users can now view active device sessions from the profile page


  • Improved UI layouts for the dashboard.

  • Improved UI for the Pricing and Checkout Page

  • Updated landing page

  • Added changelog to main site (WIP)


  • Fixed bug with darkmode not being persisted across page reloads.

January 22, 2022 —

Vanty 0.7.3: Email templates, Project Builder(Advantch Main site), Postgres14


Email Templates
  • Updated email templates and email functions to make it easier to plugin new templating engines. This is in anticipation of the new option to use MJML expected in version 0.8.4. Update django_allauth account settings
Database version updates
  • Postgresql has been updated to version 14.1


  • The project builder on the dashboard is now faster. Projects will build in less than a minute.


  • Fixed bug with node docker image not building static assets during development.


  • We will be closing the discord channel for now as it was not used. Our Slack channel is still open but is currently mainly used for one on ones. We may put more effort into build a community in future but for now our focus is on improving the product.

January 15, 2022 —

Vanty 0.7.2: Configurable Navigation & Heroicons


  • The navigation bar is now configurable via the backend. The navbar is programmable and dynamic. You can show display different tabs for users with different roles etc. This also makes it easy to quickly launch a project and set up a custom dashboard.


  • Added heroicons library to the project. Adding heroicons is now a breeze.


  • Fix bug with tenant invitations

January 09, 2022 —

Vanty 0.7.1: UI Components, Webhooks App

🎉 Happy New Year!

As always thanks for all the support. We would not be here without you. We have amazing things planned for this year.


UI components
  • Dependency on DaisyUI has been removed. The app now comes with predefined UI components such as buttons and input. The DaisyUI library helped us get of the ground, but it was time to graduate to our own internal system.
Webhooks V2
  • Completed the app and UI for the webhooks app. This version is now live. There will be future improvements to the UI in the next releases.


-Improved UI tailwind components -Form, button, components and examples for using AlpineJS in dashboard/ui page


-Improved UI tailwind components.

December 28, 2021 —

Vanty 0.7.0: Stable release Stripe Checkout, Webhooks V1

🎉 Happy Holidays

Hope you are all having a good break and spending time with family.

We have been working hard to get the first stable release out before the new year.


Stripe Checkout
  • Stripe Elements have been removed in favour of Stripe Checkout. The UI was poor and would have been a pain to maintain. Good news is 90% of the code is also gone. The best code is no code.
  • Payments workflow has been reworked completely. Payment state is managed via Django FSM. This makes it easier to reason about and code complex workflows. Please visit the docs for more info.
Webhooks V1
  • Added basic webhooks app in this version. This allows you to create events that the app can listen to. This feature will be completed in the next version.


-Improved UI tailwind components. -Improved UI tailwind components.


-Fix missing email settings for anymail

Archived (v0.6 Beta Releases)

  • November to December
  • Teams & Multitenant App
    • Improved roles
    • Added unit tests
    • Improved API
  • Bug Fixes
    • Multitenant app fixes for user role management and switching between workspaces
    • UI updates, new screens

Got more questions? Message us in the app or email us at [email protected]

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