The Vanty Starter Kit includes authentication out of the box.


By default, email authentication is enabled. For emails to work, you need to select an email provider when building the project.

Signup for an account with your preferred provider and add the credentials to the settings file. Here is an example of what your settings file could look like.


    "SENDGRID_API_KEY": env("SENDGRID_API_KEY", default="check-your-id"),
    "SENDGRID_API_URL": env("SENDGRID_API_URL", default=""),
        "POSTMARK_SERVER_TOKEN", default="token"
        env("ANYMAIL_WEBHOOK_SECRET", default="secret"),
        env("ANYMAIL_WEBHOOK_SECRET_2", default="secret"),
        "track_clicks": True,
        "track_opens": True,

You can use multiple providers. Consult the django_anymail docs for more info.

Social Authentication

The authentication settings panel allows superusers/admins to manage authentication methods from the dashboard as well as add new social app keys.

Enabling a provider

To add a new social app provider, create a key and client id in the console of the respective platform.

Copy over the Client ID and Client Secret and add it to the form for the specific provider.

The sign-in method will automatically be available on the sign-up/login pages as well as the user profile page.